SketchVid Turns Your Doodles Into Eye-Catching Animations For Instagram


SketchVid is a cool new iOS app that lets even the most ham-handed doodler make striking animations for Instagram .

The app lets you trace over or draw on a photo, or sketch freehand. It records your strokes as you are drawing and then automatically turns them into a 15-second video.

I have a Jot stylus, but I’m still pretty bad at writing on my iPhone’s touchscreen, let alone drawing. Thanks to SketchVid’s tracing feature and a photo of Crispin Glover, however, I was able to render a recognizable portrait of my favorite actor and imaginary husband in a few minutes.

If you are a talented artist to begin with, SketchVid lets you share how your creations come to life. I love watching art process videos on YouTube, and I can see illustrators and other visual artists using Sketch Vid as a marketing or educational tool for their Instagram…

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